Kei konei ka whai waahi koe ki nga korero ō te wa me nga whakamarama i nga mahi a te Kaporeihana o Wairarapa Moana me te Ropu Kaitiaki o Wairarapa Moana.

Ia marama, ka tukuna atu e matou etahi whakatauki, waiata moteatea, me etahi o nga korero tukuiho o nga ti puna taketake o Wairarapa Moana.

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GT Environmental Services Ltd

We offer a total septic tank service for all people living in the Wairarapa area. We are more then happy to sort out any septic tank problem! No matter how bad the smell, so just give us a call.

We can design a septic tank system that works with you and your house to give you a better living environment.

Septic tank upgrades – upgrade your old or dysfunctional septic tank systems

Design and installation of all septic tanks

Septic tank systems – only experienced drainlaying team can install the septic tank system on your home.

Septic tank cleaning & maintenance services? Click here.

You can rely on our team to effectively clean and maintain your septic tank. Find out what you can do to help your septic tank work effectively.

Septic tank upgrades? Click here.

Without any replacement of your current septic tank system, you can improve the performance of your septic tank with a septic tank upgrade.

Deco Precasters

Farming, landscaping and plumbing products made from top quality precast concrete, durable enough for the job.

From Wairarapa to Wellington, Deco Precasters has all of your precast concrete product needs covered.

Using only the best precast concrete mixes, Deco Precasters offers strength that won’t fail you.

Concrete panels and bridge slabs

From solid beams and bridge slabs to tilt slabs and concrete panels, Deco Precasters provide you with all the precast concrete products you or your company needs to build faster and with improved efficiency.

Precast concrete troughs and tanks for plumbing and farming? Click here.

For all your precast concrete plumbing and farming requirements, Deco Precasters can provide a solution. From precast concrete water tanks and septic tanks to manhole covers, silage pits and water troughs.

Exposed concrete aggregate paving

Deco Precasters boast a variety of precast concrete products, perfect for your next outdoor landscaping project. From concrete planters to expose aggregate paving, get everything you need from the team.

Bosworth Stone Ltd

From greywacke and limestone to riverstone, Bosworth Stone can work with a range of local stone.

We have direct access to quarries providing schist, hinuera and oamaru as well as imported stones like granite and blue stone.

We provide you with competitively priced exceptional stone masonry that will make your property look great.

Local Wellington Stones

Do you want breath-taking stone structures and features constructed in your home? Then look no further than Bosworth Stone! We provide top quality local stones and stone masonry services, creating everything from retaining walls to decorative features.

Stones sourced locally in NZ

Sourcing stones from around the country with direct access to the quarries, Bosworth Stone can offer you a variety of NZ stones including hinuera, oamaru and otago schist stone.

Stones imported from widespread quarries

With a wealth of experience handling, cutting and smoothing imported stones, Bosworth Stone are your number one reliable choice of stone masons in New Zealand.

GT Environmental Services Ltd

You can talk to our friendly and expert team about your septic tank needs for complete septic service within the Wairarapa region.

Septic system design – create a septic system that suits your property and needs

Upgrade your septic tank today before you have to fork out cash on a costly clean up or fix.

Septic tank design & installation

Septic tank systems – Installed to your home by our qualified, experienced drainlaying team.

Septic tank cleaning & maintenance

Our team is reliable to effectively clean and maintain the cleanliness on your septic tanks. We can give advice on what you can do for your septic tank to work efficiently.

Septic tank upgrades

A septic tank upgrade can vastly improve the performance of an existing septic tank system without the need for a complete replacement.

Martinborough Wine Tours

Jill Fraser from Martinborough Wine Tours would like to invite you for a luxurious and enjoyable wine tour experience.

Carefully crafted tours allow you to experience the Martinborough region and its distinctive vineyards and wineries in a personal and relaxed way.

You can contact us through the form on this site or call us on +64 6 3068032 so we can discuss your Martinborough wine experience.

Martinborough in a Day

Take pleasure in Martinborough’s diverse wine tour – where you could meet local identities, experience the culture of the region living in the vineyard, enjoy enlightening wine tasting and visit a local olive oil producer.

Turning grapes into wine. Click here.

Don’t forget to visit the Murdoch James Estate and discover how the grapes from the vineyard transform into wine – the Grape to Glass Tour. With our fine wine tasting, you will love the vineyard and winery life.

Design your own wine tour

Personalize your own tour at Martinbourough and its vineyards and wineries. Discuss with us your ideal day in Martinborough – wine tasting, delectable cuisines, quotable people to meet, sights you’d like to view – and we can create tour perfect for you.