Chemdry Wairarapa

Improve your home environment with professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

For the complete professional carpet cleaning services your house needs, contact Chemdry Wairarapa for cleaaning services that will keep your home fresh and sanitary.

Contact one of our experienced professionals at Chemdry Wairarapa, for more about our flood restoration, upholstery and carpet cleaning services.

Floor cleaning services. Click here.

Whether in the home or office, carpets can trap airborne allergens and act like a filter – therefore, a regular carpet clean will promote a dry and healthy environment.

Upholstery. Click here.

It’s a given that over time, your new furniture will get its fair share of general wear and tear, and start to lose that ‘fresh new’ look and smell. Through a professional upholstery clean, you can return your beloved upholstery to look, smell and feel like new again!

Flood Restoration

Call us today at Chemdry Wairarapa for professional services from highly trained specialist carpet cleaners. We’ll have the water damaged carpet dried and taken care of in no time reducing the hassle from you when it comes to your residential or commercial property.

Chemdry Wairarapa

Keep your home free of harmful germs with specialist carpet and upholstery cleaning from Chemdry Wairarapa.

Keep your home environment clean and free of germs that could be harmful to you and your family with Chemdry Wairarapa. We ensure quality carpet cleaning services anytime of the year.

Talk to our highly skilled team of carpet cleaners about carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration.

Floor cleaning services. Click here.

Eliminate any harmful germs and bacteria that manifest their way into your carpet, by having a regular carpet clean from Chemdry Wairarapa, our services are all safe and natural.

Furniture Cleaning? Click here.

Restore that old musty furniture to its original vibrant state with professional upholstery cleaning services from Chemdry Wairarapa. Your furniture will be looking and smelling like the day it was made in its shiny new condition!

Restoration for flood and water damage? Click here.

Experiencing any sort of flood in your home or office can be a stressful time for any property owner…but don’t panic! The team here at Chemdry Wairarapa are here to help, taking care of the entire process to ensure your carpets and building structure are dry again in no time.

GT Environmental Services Ltd

You can talk to our friendly and expert team about your septic tank needs for complete septic service within the Wairarapa region.

Septic system design – create a septic system that suits your property and needs

Upgrade your septic tank today before you have to fork out cash on a costly clean up or fix.

Design and installation of all septic tanks! Click here.

We design and install septic tank systems on any property. Our professional drain laying team will have your septic system up and running in no time at all.

Septic tank cleaning & maintenance? Click here.

You can rely on our team to effectively clean and maintain your septic tank. Find out what you can do to help your septic tank work effectively.

Septic system upgrades? Click here.

We can help you old septic tank perform better by upgrading its current systems. Contact our team for more information on upgrading your tank.

Thermawood Wairarapa

Have Thermawood Wairarapa retrofit your timber windows to reduce condensation, noise and more…

Ensuring you get the best retrofit for your windows and doors is our top priority, which is why we utilize our unique dry glazing system.

The system has been designed to fit any wooden joinery and can be used in a number of configurations.

Enhance your home and health with double glazing? Click here.

Call us today at Thermawood Wairarapa and get a free in home demonstration on double glazing from our experts. For more information on how dual glazing technology can make your home a drier, healthier place, watch the videos on our website or call now!


Double glazing your existing windows is a quality long term investment in your home. Hear testimonials from our happy customers and find out why Thermawood Wairarapa is your number one choice in the Wellington region for retrofitting double glazing.


From a single room to the entire home, the team at Thermawood Wairarapa take on jobs of all sizes. Contact us today for more info on our retrofitting services and dual glazing technology.

Stuart Henderson Optometrist

Receive customised eye care and eyewear with the only independent optometrist in Masterton.

Stuart Henderson has provided eye care for locals for over twenty years.

Contact us today to book an eye exam at our Masterton store and find out about our designer eyewear range, corrective lenses, frames, prescription sunglasses and app-backed contact lens service.

Personal Eye Exam. Click here.

Every 2 years, everyone should have an optical eye exam to catch any potential eye problems before they become serious. Stuart Henderson Optometrist provides a local, personalised eye clinic service for residents of Masterton & the broader Wairarapa.

Prescription Eyewear! Click here.

Whether you need prescription glasses frames, optical lenses or prescription sunglasses Stuart Henderson Optometrists in the Wairarapa can tailor the perfect eyewear solution for you. See our wide range of lenses for high-quality glasses frames and our great range of designer glasses.

Order Contact Lenses

If you need assistance with your vision, you may be able to wear contact lenses. Contacts have never been as convenient to wear as it is today and we have developed a smartphone app that makes it hassle-free to order your replacements.

Accord Plastics

New Zealand’s trusted plastic packaging company, for solutions that other businesses rely on.

Servicing multiple markets, specializing in the creation of plastic packaging and plastic bag materials.

Our enhanced and improved plastic products and packaging materials are developed for multiple market sectors.

Dependable suppliers of plastic bags

After assessing your specifications and requirements, Accord Plastics can provide you with an affordable, reliable service and discuss the right plastic bag solution for you.

Diverse product range of plastic packaging materials.

Providing an extensive variety of plastic packaging materials and solutions, whether you need polybags or pallet covers and sheeting, dry cleaning film or planter and product bags, we can provide it.

Offering solutions to many diverse markets

Plastic packing is available to order and can be tailored to multiple markets. Industries we work with include retail, horticulture, industrial, distribution, refuse, meat and seafood industries.