Deco Precasters

Farming, landscaping and plumbing products made from top quality precast concrete, durable enough for the job.

Deco Precasters supplies Wellington and the Wairarapa with innovative precast concrete products.

Durable precast concrete products from Deco Precasters are made using nothing but the best concrete mixes.

Build faster with bridge slabs and panels

From solid beams and bridge slabs to tilt slabs and concrete panels, Deco Precasters provide you with all the precast concrete products you or your company needs to build faster and with improved efficiency.

Precast concrete troughs and tanks for plumbing and farming

Deco Precasters are popular with locals in the plumbing and farming industry, as we provide solutions in a wide range of precast concrete products including silage pits, manhole covers, water troughs and more…

Concrete benchtops and pavers? Click here.

We provide concrete benchtops, pavers, planters and more to individuals throughout Wellington. Rest assured knowing your landscaping precast concrete product needs are covered with Deco Precasters.



Here at Tullochs, we make sure that our farm machines are hand-picked from only the best before they are being tested and fine tuned for New Zealand’s one of a king rural environments.

Visit us to discover more about our cultivation, grass harvesting, mixers, sweepers, forestry and seeders machines.

The latest machines from the leading international brands

Know more about the world’s leading machines from well known brands such as:

Quality used farm machines! Click here.

Are you searching for the best farm machines that still have a lot of life left in them? Check out our wide range of machinery.

? Click here.

GT Environmental Services Ltd

Your complete septic tank service for the Wairarapa region. Talk to our friendly, qualified team about your septic tank needs. We’re more than happy to help.

Septic system design – create a septic system that suits your property and needs

Septic tank upgrades – Upgrades for old or underperforming septic tank systems.

Design & Installation of septic tank

Septic tank systems – Installed to your home by our qualified, experienced drainlaying team.

Septic tank cleaning & maintenance? Click here.

Our team is reliable to effectively clean and maintain the cleanliness on your septic tanks. We can give advice on what you can do for your septic tank to work efficiently.

Septic system upgrades

A septic tank upgrade can vastly improve the performance of an existing septic tank system without the need for a complete replacement.

Thermawood Wairarapa

Have Thermawood Wairarapa retrofit your timber windows to reduce condensation, noise and more…

We use a unique dry glazing system for the best possible results when retrofitting your doors and windows.

No matter the type of wooden joinery or composition of your windows and doors, our unique system is designed to suit all conditions.


Find out how the 100% New Zealand made Thermawood dual glazing technology can enhance the feel of your home. For a FREE in home demonstration on how Thermawood Wairarapa’s wooden window double glazing works contact us now.

Decade long guarantee on double glazed windows

View our testimonials page for information from past clients who all enjoy the benefits of retrofit double glazed windows. If you want a drier, more comfortable home, then call the experts and enquire more about double glazing your existing windows today.

Wellington to Palmerston North retrofitting services! Click here.

Thermawood Wairarapa services and insulates homes from the Wellington region to Palmerston North. Talk to us about our retrofit double glazing services whether for an entire building, or a single room.

Kate McLaren

When Kate got her BCApS from Otago University in textiles, she tried her hand at other parts of her life before coming back and following her life passion of painting.

Now Kate is creating stunning New Zealand inspired artworks. From a London art exhibition to setting up her own art studio.

Kate has always been fascinated with the stories behind the land, and draws inspiration for her work from this.

Painting pieces

Kate locks in the real New Zealand in her art work. With rural landscapes and city terrace views, Kate shows the raw bones of New Zealand.

Prints of arts

We offer top quality prints of Kate’s original artworks. From landscapes to urban views, we offer only the highest quality in prints for your home or place of work.

Flying Paintbox Events

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to paint, Kate’s fun and informative sessions are a great place to start. Learn painting techniques, unlock your creativity and take the steps to find your own painting style.

Martinborough Wine Tours

You are invited on a tour to satisfy your taste buds with a unique wine tour in the Martinborough region.

Our personalized tours allow you to experience the Martinborough region and its vineyards and wineries in a relaxed manner.

Please contact us through any form on this site, or on +64 6 3068032 to discuss your Martinborough wine tour booking.

See Marlborough

Take pleasure in Martinborough’s diverse wine tour – where you could meet local identities, experience the culture of the region living in the vineyard, enjoy enlightening wine tasting and visit a local olive oil producer.

Turning grapes into wine. Click here.

Don’t forget to visit the Murdoch James Estate and discover how the grapes from the vineyard transform into wine – the Grape to Glass Tour. With our fine wine tasting, you will love the vineyard and winery life.

Customised wine tours! Click here.

Customise your own tour of Martinborough and its vineyards and wineries. Discuss your ideal day in Martinborough with us – wine tasting, delectable food, people you’d like to meet, what sights you’d like to experience – and we’ll create a tour just for you.

Murdoch James Estate

Purchase wine

The names of Murdoch James wines are made in memory of founder Roger Fraser’s father. Today, his son Carl Fraser is winemaker.

Winery Tours

Join one of the best wine tasting, winery and vineyard tours in Martinborough and follow the journey of the grape to the glass, from the vineyard to the tasting room with Murdoch James Estate’s wine tour hosts.


Get a self-contained and private vineyard accommodation in the rural tranquillity of Martinborough ideal for your getaway or honeymoon after the Martinborough vineyard wedding.